3/4-16 Adapter

Great new adapter for the Taig and Sherline ER-16 spindle. Also fits most mills. This will allow you to put Sherline and Taig 3/4-16 threaded tools on almost any mill that can hold a 3/8in tool. Works great with the HTS Rapid Tool Changer. Made from Hardened Stainless Steel. If you want to use the 1/2in with a Router purchase the Taig model with the heavy spring. Make sure that you have a variable speed router that will go down to 10,000rpm. Do not use a aftermarket speed reducer these can fail and go max speed when they do. Great for ER-16 mills and the Rapid Changer
Makes it easy to use tools from Taig and Sherline on your router.
Made from Hardened Stainless Steel, Fits Taig and Sherline tools, Fits the Rapid Changer for Taig and Sherline, Recommended use with the Taig Stainless Rapid Changer, Maximum speed 10,000RPM
Price $20.00
Shipping in US $3.50