HTS Modular Work Holding System

The MWHS01 is a new way to hold objects on your mill. Works with most mills including Sherline and Taig models. This system allows you to hold anything by the sides using cam screws and round clamps. You can hold round stock for making flywheels, clock faces, etc. You can hold flat plates such as PC boards for drilling, train parts, etc. You can hold vises, rotary tables, etc. It is as simple as a 1/4 turn to tighten. Any of the clamps are machinable giving you infinite possibility for fixtures. 1/2 x 4 x 14 inch aluminum mounting surface precision ground cast plate for flatness.
182 10-32 tapped holes on 1/2 inch centers.
All tapped holes thread formed for maximum strength
Includes the following parts:
2 bar clamps
4 1/2 inch round clamps
4 3/4 inch round clamps
4 1 inch round clamps
4 cam screws and 8 regular screws

Used on most mills including Sherline and Taig
Price $99.00
Shipping in the US is $13.00.